Founded in 2013, Alcoholoco Entertainment Services is the first bar catering service in Turkey. As the leading company in the event & organization industry, Alcoholoco created a brand new market in the event & organization industry.
Delivering premium bar catering services with its distinctive and stylish bars, professional staff and spectacular presentation techniques, Alcoholoco is leading the event & organization industry. Our company offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage services at wedding receptions, functions, corporate events and private parties is the single address for quality and taste in bar services... It’s the exquisite taste for entertainment!
Exquisite taste for Entertainment!

Bar Show
Presentation Show
Bar Catering
Exclusive & Luxury
Cocktail Workshop
Coffee & Hot Beverage Service and Vitamin Bar
Molecular Mixology
Bar and Presentation Designs
With its professional bar staff and management team, Alcoholoco Entertainment Services operates at a 1.000 square meter square facility that accommodates a custom design kitchen, a cocktail depot with 1.5 tons of capacity, a bar design workshop, event/function room and offices.

With the infrastructure and capacity to serve at events of 20 to 20.000 guests, Alcoholoco maintains its leading position with its distinctive accessories, bars and services.

Its extensive beverage menu consists of special drinks prepared with fresh ingredients and unique aromas. Alcoholoco is the inventor of many different cocktails including cocktail-shots and long drinks.

Since 2003, Alcoholoco has been delivering bar catering services. The company is dedicated to addressesing different expectations through diversification of bar services. Alcoholoco continues to expand its services by offering innovative services alongside its regular bar services.

Alcoholoco has taken the catering industry to a different level by including additional services such as coffee & hot beverage service, cocktail workshop, flair shows, bar personnel procurement and glass rental services.

Alcoholoco with its special cocktail and beverage menus, world renowned popular recipes and flamboyant glass ornaments is indispensable for parties and functions. It’s the single address for quality and taste in bar services. It’s the exquisite taste for entertainment!

We're looking for new team members to join us serving the equsite taste for entertainment!

Candidates can submit their applications to the Human Resources Department by uploading the CV's to this page or by sending their CV's to e-mail adress.

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