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Bar Show
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Presentation Show
Bar CateringBar Catering
Bar Catering
Exclusive & LuxuryExclusive & Luxury
Exclusive & Luxury
Kokteyl WorkshopKokteyl Workshop
Cocktail Workshop
Kahve & Sıcak İçecekKahve & Sıcak İçecek
Coffee & Hot Beverage Service and Vitamin Bar
Moleküler MiksolojiMoleküler Miksoloji
Molecular Mixology
Bar ve Sunum TasarımlarıBar ve Sunum Tasarımları
Bar and Presentation Designs
An Alcoholoco classic with a custom design bar, presentation accessories, professional bartenders and presentation hostesses...

First the bar staff is appointed taking into consideration the event’s concept, profile and number of the guests, and interior design of the venue. Then, the beverage menu is prepared in accordance with the type of event. Last, but not the least, our custom design bar(s), presentation accessories and staff costumes are chosen in line with the expectations and wishes of the client. This way, the bar show service is designed totally in line with the client’s tastes and wishes.

Bar ShowBar ShowBar ShowBar ShowBar ShowBar ShowBar ShowBar ShowBar Show
If you do not prefer a bar at the event venue, Presentation Show is just the ideal choice for you... Aside from the delicious cocktails prepared by Alcoholoco bartenders, all drinks are served by our hostesses on different presentation accessories. As a more affordable option, Presentation Show is designed to add an exquisite taste to your event without a bar.
This service which we also name as a turnkey service or an all-inclusive service provides professional bar staff and a bar as well as all everything from A to Z about beverage service. Bar ServisiBar ServisiBar ServisiBar ServisiBar ServisiBar ServisiBar ServisiBar ServisiBar Servisi
Our Exclusive service includes unique features such as professional bar staff, custom designed stylish bars, custom design costumes, bar menu options, custom design presentation accessories and stands.

At our Luxury service, foreign barmaids and/or foreign models/hostesses serve guests alongside Alcoholoco Exclusive staff.

Exclusive & LuxuryExclusive & LuxuryExclusive & LuxuryExclusive & LuxuryExclusive & LuxuryExclusive & LuxuryExclusive & LuxuryExclusive & LuxuryExclusive & Luxury
With Cocktail Workshop, Alcoholoco Entertainment Services aims to share the secrets of its unique cocktails with you... With this service Alcoholoco has added a new motivation activity for companies.

The fun event begins with a brief background of the cocktails and continues with preparing cocktails. Each participant learns to prepare his/her own Alcoholoco cocktail with the ingredients provided by the workshop organizers. The workshop offers a pleasant environment where colleagues enjoy one another’s company.

The judges consisting of participants or executives can choose the best cocktail and the winner can win special prizes.

Kokteyl WorkshopKokteyl WorkshopKokteyl WorkshopKokteyl WorkshopKokteyl Workshop
Our Coffee Bars are designed to let you taste various blends of delicious coffee, aromatic herbal teas and fruit frappes presented by Alcoholoco quality at coffee breaks during conventions, seminars, corporate functions or at weddings. Various hot beverages from Espresso to Hot Chocolate and to special blend herbal teas are served at our Coffee Bars.
We also offer a Vitamin Bar where fresh fruit and vegetable mixes and blends are served at baby showers, birthday parties and circumcision ceremonies.

Alcoholoco also can bring fresh fruit blends to your house in giant glass jar dispensers and helps you make your party unique...

Don’t be surprised at the parties if you’re served cocktails in the form of caviar, cubes, stars or foams. Alcoholoco has adopted the worldwide molecular cocktails trend and is leading this market. The molecular cocktails are very popular among the menus of famous restaurants, bars and night clubs.

As simply stated, molecular mixology is presentation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the form of semi-fluid jelly by applying different scientific techniques. The exterior surface of the cocktails hardens to become jelly-like and the ingredients are retained as liquids within the jelly. This way you can consume your cocktail with a spoon and the jelly dissolves evenly in your mouth.

The shapes of jelly cocktails prepared by molecular mixology technique can be customized to match corporate identity and company logos at corporate events.

Alcoholoco is bringing a whole new insight where there are no boundaries to the bar techniques we’ve known, so far.

Moleküler MiksolojiMoleküler MiksolojiMoleküler MiksolojiMoleküler MiksolojiMoleküler MiksolojiMoleküler MiksolojiMoleküler MiksolojiMoleküler MiksolojiMoleküler Miksoloji
Our mountable bars in various colors and models can be extended to meet the host’s expectations. Our bars which can be used in a round or square format includes built-in LED system.

Also, we have Deluxe Stands that are custom-designed to add uniqueness and distinct features to events.

Table Girl: Table Girls ate de-luxe stands we have designed to serve as mobile mini-bars. Presentation hostesses serve drinks at this stand. These stands can be draped with different fabrics to match the decoration concept of the event. A wide range of pattern designs and colors are available.

Ferris Wheel Shot: Ferris Wheel Shot is a mobile shot cart designed like a Ferris wheel.

Cage: Our presentation hostesses serve shots from the mobile shot cart designed like a cage skirt during the event.

Champagne Tower: Our champagne tower with special LED lights can be used at wedding receptions as well as at corporate events.

Bar SunumBar SunumBar SunumBar SunumBar SunumBar SunumBar SunumBar SunumBar Sunum

The entertaining show of the award-winning bartenders… The Flair Show bartenders have won several awards at global Flair Contests and Shows.


Alcoholoco Entertainment Services also helps hotels, restaurants or night clubs prepare beverage and cocktail menus that will meet their needs.

All menus consisting of unique recipes, aromas and world classics are prepared according to the venue’s concept. Also, venue personnel go through a special training programme organized by Alcoholoco to learn how to prepare the beverages and cocktails in the menu. The training includes general bar service principles.

Training of bar personnel is among the services we offer. We offer venue personnel extensive counseling services including bartender trainings, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bar equipments, safety& hygiene rules, mixology, barista trainings, teamwork and customer relations.


The lack of glass stocks especially at house parties and outdoor events has encouraged Alcoholoco to create a glass rental service. From whiskey glasses to long drink glasses and to shot glasses Alcoholoco provides a rental service in professional buckets.


For private and corporate events Alcoholoco procures bar personnel to work at hotels, restaurants, or bars.

The procured personnel including bartenders, barmaids, waiters, bus boys and presentation hostesses are trained beforehand to carry out the venue’s requirements.

Düğün ve Davet
Professional bar services has become an essential part of the wedding receptions since Alcoholoco has first created the bar catering market.

Every marrying couple has unique expectations for their wedding receptions. That’s why Alcoholoco is dedicated to create alternative bar services suiting every concept and budget that meet the bride and groom’s wishes.

Our services for wedding receptions include:
Bar show
Presentation show
Bar catering
Exclusive & Luxury
Coffee & hot beverage service

We deliver a broad range of offerings for wedding receptions matching different interior decorations and concepts including mountable bars, custom designed staff costumes and accessories which are used to serve cocktails.

All of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that will be served at the reception are determined in line with the bride and groom’s wishes. This enables Alcoholoco to deliver the best bar service that will meet the couple’s expectations for their most special day.

Companies organize different events in order to create or improve their brand value. With exclusive bar catering services designed to address the requirements of these types of events Alcoholoco achieves to be “the exquisite taste of entertainment”.

Alcoholoco Entertainment Services offer various alternatives for different functions and events such as:
Promotional activities
Fairs and Exhibitions
Dealers Meetings
New Year Parties
Gala Nights
Personnel events/parties

Our services include mountable bars that are custom-designed for different brands (our bars are also appropriate for applying branding), different costume options for different concepts, cocktails and shows in line with corporate identity.

Also with molecular mixology technique, we offer companies exclusive logo implementations.

“Cocktail Workshop” is a brand new alternative for corporate motivation events.

Our services for corporate events include:
Bar show
Presentation show
Bar catering
Cocktail workshop
Coffee & hot beverage service and Vitamin Bar
Molecular mixology

Alcoholoco offers a range of alternative services for parties organized at your house, at your garden, at your office or at any other venue you choose.

Along with our bar staff, we can provide for all kinds of needs including stylish bar options, glasses, professional bar equipments and different beverage menus. So, you can enjoy your own party while Alcoholoco Entertainment Services deal with the entire bar catering details and add an exquisite taste to your entertainment.

Our services for private parties include:

Bar show
Presentation show
Bar catering
Coffee & hot beverage service and Vitamin Bar